Changes In My Blogging

I’ve been thinking for quite sometime now that I need to change to the way I do my blogging.  For those of you who don’t know here is the blogging process I go thru pretty much every week.

Each week I take a trip out to to each of the properties Vizion is renovating.  I found these trips to be very beneficial not only for contributing content to the website but also for checking and making sure that things Vizion wants done are actually getting done.   While I’m out at each project I take a few pictures and mentally take note of all the major changes which have taken place since I was last at the property.  On average Vizion has about 4 home renovation in process so as you can imaging this is a very time consuming process but somehow I find time to fit it into my schedule.

After I’ve  been to each property I upload the picures to the computer and type a progress post like this.  All in all each progress post takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how many pictures I decide to upload and how fast my internet/computer decides to work on that particular day.

I prefer to write and publish my blogs on my wordpress site Justin Of Vizionkc mainly because of the easy to use wordpress format then move copy and paste those blogs to ActiveRain and then finally copy and paste those posts to the Vizionkc site.   This blog posting format has worked out very well for me but I can’t help but think that things need to change.

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11401 Jackson Ave Kansas City, MO A Vizion Home Remodel Video

Here it is the home remodel video of 11401 Jackson Ave.  This home is located in Terrace Lake Gardens just east of our brokerage Glad Heart Realty and just south of Red Bridge Rd.  Rent on this house will be $1,000 per mo and yes this home is availabe on our rent to own plan.  If your looking to purchase this home will be listed at $94,000.  Not bad for 3 bedroom 1 bath house that has been completely remodeled.

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Progress On 10411 Manchester (Project South KC) Pt. 1

After checking out our latest property acquisition a few blocks away on Blue Ridge Blvd I stopped by our renovation at 10411 Manchester Ave. The investor on this home is planning on making this home a long term rental or a lease option which is great since I’ve already found a tenant to move into this house once its been completed.  As far as rental homes go this one is pretty impressive.  3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, finished basement, 2 car garage, and a huge deck.

This is a shot of the house from the front.  As you can see the exterior paint has been completed and the new garage doors have been installed.

Front, Mancester, Vizion

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Progress On 6644 Larsen (Project Shawnee) Pt. 1

After a showing our rental property at 10416 W 63rd Ter I stopped by our custom home remodel at 6644 Larsen also in Shawnee, KS.  We love doing houses in Johnson County especially since this area is so popular among home buyers.  Almost every week we get email from potential buyers and renters looking for Vizion homes in this area of Kansas.

As you can see the tear out has been completed in this house.  I love how much we’ve opened up the kitchen in this house.  After you’ve see several of these home renovation takes place its very easy to see how the kitchen is going to lay out.  Just thinking about how beautiful this kitchen is going to be is very exciting.

Shawnee, KS, Larsen, Vizion

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Oh What A Difference The Yard Makes

To put it bluntly curb appeal is important.  The landscaping is the first thing that people notice when they pull up at a house.  I truly belive that if you want to get on a potential buyers good side early make sure that your listings yard is in good shape.  I’ve included a few before and after shots of  one of my listing just to help prove my point.

Here is one of my listings that just recently sold.  It was flip for an investor.  After about $80k in remodel work the house looked like this.

444 Dartmouh Before The landscaping.

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Progress On 8801 E. 81st St. (Project Raytown) Pt. 4

It’s full speed ahead on the renovation of 8801 E. 81st St in Raytown, MO.  Now that all the inspection related details have been wrapped up on 444 Dartmouth the crews have been at this project everyday.  If all works out we should be albe to wrap up this remodel sometime next week.

Here is a shot of the kitchen.  As you can see the new cabinets have been installed.

Vizion Raytown, Kitchen

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2901 Norwood (Project Independence) Pt.4

We’re in the finishing stages of our renovation at 2901 Norwoood in Independence, MO.  This home looks a lot different with a fresh coat of paint.  If all goes well we should be able to get this home on the market sometime in the next week.

This is a shot of the front of the house.  Lots of folks at this renovation when I took this picture.

Norwood Vizion Front

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