From Humble Beginnings

I’m not really sure exactly the direction I’m planning on taking this blog but rest assured it should be rather intersting….for some people. I guess you could say that I’m semi new to blogging. I say semi new because I do have a blog on ActiveRain and a Blog on The Vizionkc Website and yet another blog of mostly syndicated content here on word press. Basically If you want to know anything about me or Vizionkc just Google Vizionkc.

My name is Justin and in case you couldn’t tell I work for The Vizion Group. Were a real estate investment company in Kansas City, MO. My positon within the company can be summed up in two words, Marketing & Sales. If you get in contact with us or hear about us or see something about us its probably a direct result of something I did right or did horribly wrong. It’s probably due to a combination of both that you even found this blog.

My day to day life would best be compared to the TV show Flip This House. I guess it was in a desire to show how much my life was like Flip This House. that I launched the Vizionkc YouTube Channel. I really wanted people to understand what I meant when I said we remodel homes and if you watch this short video you will understand what I mean.

As of late a lot of ideas have started percolating in my mind regarding how I can better harness the power of the internet. Perhaps through this separate yet mildly connected blog I can better begin to explore the ideas buzzing around in my brain. And yes I’m on Twitter so just follow me for updates.

— Justin of Vizionkc


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