Mother Nature Does Not Care

Today I had set aside a block of time to take pictures of our awesome new Waldo property (read my blog post about the Waldo home). I wake up and look outside and its pouring rain. Right now as I type this I know that its very unlikely I will be able to start properly marketing this property without pictures. Maybe I can still take a few shots of the inside after it gets cleaned later on today. To top things off the weekend weather forecast has changed. According to its supposed to rain all of today and all of Saturday which ruins my plans for a Saturday open house. Fortunately Sunday is supposed to be partly cloudy which I prefer to call somewhat sunny.

While the weather won’t stop me from listing the property on MLS and doing my property walk-thru it does suck that I won’t have outside pictures until maybe as late as Sunday. Follow me on Twitter for updates and subscribe to The Vizionkc YouTube Channel so you can see the next episode of Nastieset To Nicest Remodels.

— Justin of Vizionkc


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