The Kenwood Video Will Be Postponed Due To Poor Lighting.

I went out yesterday during a break in the rain to take some pictures of the new house on Kenwood and now while reviewing them have decided that this was a comeplet waste of time. The weather has been completely working against me this week. Its not that the pictures are bad its just that there not nearly as good as the pictures I usually take. Why? Because the sun was not out. I thought that maybe by using my photo editing software I would be able to overcome the overcast sky. I was very wrong. Sunlight makes a very big deal when it comes to taking photos and I need these pictures to be the best that they can be. Its due to these poor quality pictures that I will be postponing the next installment of the nastiest to nicest remodels. I will go ahead and upload the pictures I have to MLS so that agents planning to show homes this weekend can still get and idea of the layout and features of the house.

— Justin of Vizionkc


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