Are Open Houses a Waste of Time?

I’ve always been a little skeptical when it comes to open houses and even after my rather successful open house today I’m still skeptical. Why, because I’ve never sold a listing from doing an open house. Sure I’ve gotten some leads and it’s always nice to have the neighbors come by and see how the remodel turned out but my record of sales from an open house still sits at zero.

Take today for instance. The Vizion Group just completed a remodel in the very popular Waldo district here in Kansas City, MO. The property was listed on Friday September 12th and this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday we held an open house for a combined total of 8 hours.

On Saturday a few member of Vizion came by to see how our most recent property turned out. The open house started at 1pm the Vizion members arrived at 1:15 and left by about 1:30. For the remaining 3 and ½ hours I sat and read. Now while I enjoy reading as much as the next guy I couldn’t help but think that my Saturday could have been better spent. In my Justin of Vizionkc blog I attribute this lack of activity on Saturday to the weather. It was a little rainy but at least it was warm.

On Sunday once again the open house started at 1. Right off the bat a couple that has been looking at investing with us came by to check out one of our finished properties. While I did not consider their visit a waste and I look forward to working with them in the future they already own a house and are only looking to purchase an investment property.

The only other people that came by the open house were neighbors who wanted to see how our remodel turned out. I hope that they have some friends or family members looking to buy.

As I stated earlier I spent 8 hours this weekend at the open house. I spent maybe a total of 2 hours showing the property. Is it just me or is this type of marketing out-dated. It seems to me that if you’re serious about buying a house today you’re more likely to go to my company website than drive around looking for open houses.

What do you think about open houses? Are they a complete waste of time or are they time well spent? How have they worked your experience?

— Justin of Vizionkc

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