Government Plans A Financial Resolution

My prediction on the limited amount of information available is that whatever the government comes up with be highly inflationary. Government tends to have this theory that money will solve everything so if they keep throwing money at this problem it will just go away. Sorry folks it won’t. Unless Paulson and Bernanke can pull some kind of rabbit out of their hats there is nothing else to do but wait for the market to crash. The fact that the market rallied September 18th is proof that the market is looking for any possible excuse to stop the market from falling. I even expect the market to rally on September 19th. Nobody wants to face the fact that a great depression is just around the corner. US economy is like a drowning man these most recent rallies are like his last breaths before sliding beneath the surface of the water forever.

“We’re coming together to work for an expeditious solution which is aimed right at the heart of this problem,” Paulson said.

Six months ago he said that the credit crisis was contained. Oh how things change.

On the plus side if you can buy rental property you can still make a fortune yes even during the coming depression.  People will need a place to stay and not everyone is going to be homeless.  Seriously Forget The Stock Market!!  Buy Up Rental Property!!!!  Forget Appreciation!!! Think Wealth Preservation!!! Think Cashflow!! For Crying Out Loud Just Think!!!!

You Can Read The Whole Article Here.

— Justin of Vizionkc


3 responses to “Government Plans A Financial Resolution

  1. This should be done no matter , there is not time not giving good modifications , they are awful no write downs nothing that is viable to help the borrower no writedowns just a rate reduction you can wind up just like before , the bill should be passed asap and keep people from getting tossed out of their homes these big institutions dont care government has to . people have spent tens of thousands of dollars in these homes to let a bank or anyone just take it is unreprehensible, shame on government and all involved that it got this far in the first ,,, no one is looking at these loan modifications ,,, can t find out who really holds your mortgage everybody lying to you wont answer phones loans underwater will give loan mod but no write down on a loan they they know is fraudulent where is the government when this happens why wont these type of horrific actions be dealt with one on one if need be . the lender is why we are here too with their laxed standards not caring just a number on the books and the modifications are a joke , you they are still stealing and still giving adjustable rate mortgage loan mods what a shamed, to loans that are underwater by over 100k good god.

  2. we are still getting liar loans , with these loan modifications and why does companies like emc have our mortgages in a databank of hope now who will not even answer the phone, Hopenow now is just a joke believe me I would like to have the president call them and see what he has to go through to get someone to answer the phone, Yes I hope they will go away, I know people with documents that have clearly been frauded and doctored, other people income used inflated income , you name it its beendone by the broker and the lender never took the time to investigte these loans and now its the homeowners fault , and the financial institutions get bailed and so little said about the homeowner
    cant wait til this thing is over so i can get a mortgage audit and may these companies will straighten up if people start sticking it to them like they should , if they wont fix it then fix it yourself by getting them legally involved . I will bet a lot of them will wish they had dealt with you gave what was fair and decent to the borrower , when it is clear to see that these people have been frauded. May some of us have a good enough case that we wont have to pay for our homes , but that they will have to give it to you. back to loan mods they are just more lies this time they are just called liar mods. How can a person ever refinance from these toxic loans if the lender is not willing to writedown debt, especially on loans that were fraudulent in the beginning. My neighborhood is plagued with this underwater mortgages and liar loans predominantly black lower income families, this should not be happening in America.

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