When Will The Stock Market Collapse?

I like many have stopped talking about bailouts until there is actually something to talk about.  Once the bailout is completed then I will comment.  However I did see this interesting article regarding the situation.

“What’s being put around behind the scenes is that we’re looking at 1930s stuff. We’re looking at catastrophe, huge, amazing catastrophe. Everybody is extraordinarily scared. It’s going to be really, really nasty.”

You Can Read The Whole Article Here.

I have been confident that the market will hold until after Obama is elected into office. Now however I’m not so sure. I would not be surprised if we saw a total market collapse quickly after everyone realizes that the bailout (Due Sunday Night) is not nearly big enough to be effective. Currently I’m looking at a market collapse as soon as the second week of October. Until then it’s all speculation and hearsay.

On the plus side if you have the money I would recommend buying up rental property. I have a feeling that interest rates around 12% are going to become the norm.


— Justin of Vizionkc


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