777 points — the largest point drop ever…Expect A Small Rally.

While it does seem unlikely I still think that a small rally will take place tomorrow Tuesday September 30th. I don’t think it will last all day I just don’t think that everything is going to fall apart by tomorrow evening. As I wrote a few days ago I’m still not confident at this point that the market is going to make it to the election. Many people online agree and it seems that news sources outside the US see an economic collapse as imminent. Even if the bailout would have passed I doubt it would have done anything to change the course of events we currently find ourselves upon.

If the stock market does crash I imagine that the ATM’s would be turned off immediately. Stores and gas station would be packed with panicked shoppers trying to get supplies. Food, water, and gasoline would quickly become short on supply. Surely the government is aware of the difficulties facing us and according to a few articles I’ve found online some troops are being brought back to the US to prepare for civil unrest.

Might be a good idea to keep a few hundred dollars in small bills in your house. Maybe grab some cases of water. Things are happening quickly and I’m afraid the majority of people will once again be taken by surprise.

Article on Bailout Rejection and Dow Jones Point Drop.

Article on Troops Preparing for Civil Unrest in the United States.


— Justin of Vizionkc


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