Project Rosedale

Project Rosedale

Location: Kansas City, KS

2 Bedrooms / 1 Bath / 1 Car Carport / Rent $800 Per Mo.

Estimated Time of Arrival: Late October

Project Rosedale will be a budget rental and will not sit vacant for long. Being located only 5 minutes from KU Med School this property is an ideal student rental. Vizion will allow early application on this property and if you are approved upon down payment this property could be yours. To apply go to and click “apply now” inside the “move” box. Just download the application, fill it out, and fax it in. There is no application fee.

Closest Vizion Property: 1411 S. 51st

— Justin of Vizionkc

5 responses to “Project Rosedale

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  2. This property is not located in the Rosedale area of KCK so why the name Rosedale Project? Rosedale ends at 18th Street. This project is quite a bit further west to 51st Street, possilbly in the Turner area. It must be that Rosedale area has such a fantastic reputation that other areas or sales people want to grab onto our good name.

  3. Wendy – Thanks for your comment. Project Rosedale is on Rosedale St. Hence the name Project Rosedale . Your correct the property we have on 1411 S. is in Turner District. The only reason I have a link to that property on this post is because it is the closest Vizion Property by proximity. I have a new post about Project Rosedale you can view it here.

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