Project Brookside

Project Brookside

Location: Kansas City, MO (Brookside)

4 Bedrooms / 3 Baths / Slab Granite Counters / Large Backyard

Estimated Time of Arrival: Late November Early December

Estimated List Price: $350,000

Its been more than a year since Vizion has done a high end luxury remodel. In fact the last time Vizion did a remodel like this it was also in the popular Brookside area. Rest assured this property will be the best in its price range an when it comes to quality this Vizion home will only be matched by homes in the $500K+ price range. Words like gorgeous will be used to describe this home but its beauty and uniqueness will best be summed up as breathtaking. As I walked through this house today and got a feel for the space I actually got goosebumps knowing that the Vizion crew was planning on pulling out all the stops. Slab granite counter tops running the 20 foot length of the kitchen, refinished hardwood floors, walk in closets large enough to dress in and thats just the beginning. This property will not last and luxury Vizion properties are few and far between. Don’t let this dream home slip between your fingers. Get pre-approved today. Check back for details.

— Justin of Vizionkc


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