Jim Cramer Says Pull Your Money Out Of The Stock Market Predicts 20% Drop

I should start thing off here by saying that I have never trusted Jim Cramer. I think he is very manipulative and I’m almost certain he has his own agenda. While it is very possible that this could be a ploy on his part I think he may actually be right. Take note of how he says the market will drop 20%.

On a side note I think 20% is an understatement this market is going way lower than that….in my opinion. With the continued turmoil in the financial markets I’m still doubtful the market will even make it to the election.


— Justin of Vizionkc


2 responses to “Jim Cramer Says Pull Your Money Out Of The Stock Market Predicts 20% Drop

  1. I once read a Megan McArdle article where she opined something to the effect that she “knew it was time to get out of the market in 2000 when she over heard her cable guy talking about buying stock in some tech company, adding that the price always rises.”
    I feel similar about this situation. While I generally think good stock advice is to do the opposite of what Jim Cramer says, thats not enough in this case. What is enough is every Tom, Dick, and Harry bemoaning the state of economy. My brother and my coworkers, people whose opinions on finance carry as much weight as a dart throwing monkey, are all bracing for the greatest depression. This tells me that stocks are waaayyyy over sold. Fundamentals are still strong, and 9,000 looks like an awesome price. Plus, why bet against Buffett?

  2. If I felt that things were going to recover I to would agree that 9,000 would be a great price. However I just do not see it happening. I don’t think that the market is going to recover at least not significantly.

    You do however make a good point when everyone is moaning about the economy it probably is the best time to buy. And of course Buffet’s track record is nearly impeccable.

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