Project 76 is Dead

Project 76, the highly anticipated Vizionkc Raytown acquisition is dead.  A replacement for Project 76 has been found in the popular Brookside area details on this new project will outlined in a later most.

Reason For Project Death:  Silly Banks.  You would think that with all the bank owned properties on the market that banks would be chomping at the bits to sell some real estate.   Apparently that is not the case.  While it would not be wise to go into great detail regarding Vizion’s acquisition methods I can say that this deal died becouse the bank decided to be unrealistic and unwilling to work with a qualified and able buyer.

This would have been an awesome Vizion home and it saddens me to see it go but with two projects coming up in Brookside its hard to feel down.

One Last Look at Project 76

— Justin of Vizionkc


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