Spent Some Time At Project Brookside & Other Vizion Updates.

Looks like Project Brookside is moving along swiftly I spent roughly and hour at the property today with a few other members of Vizion,   @mightywaldo explained to us his rehab plans in great detail so that everyone would know what was going on.  This house is being done for an investor in California and it is his first property with Vizion. I’m sure that after this property is completed our California investor will want to do several more homes. All the other investor want to.

After all, Vizion’s last property 8205 Kenwood sold after only 7 days on the market. If Project Brookside sells in less than 30 days the buzz around Vizion is sure to get quite a bit louder. The Kenwood investor has already moved on to his next investment, a property in the highly desired River Oaks subdivision of Grandview, MO.

Project Independence is under way. @mightywaldo crews started work on Projecet Independence yesterday. If the rain doesn’t slow them down to much all the tear out will be completed by Wednesday. I plan on getting some video of Project Independence this weekend…weather and time permitting.

Project Rosedale is also under way. This property needs a new roof but all the rain this week has delayed progress on Rosedale.

In other news.  The Vizionkc site has been acting up a little just letting everybody know.

I’ve updated this article and added a video check it out here.

What is Project Brookside?

What is Project Independence?

What is Project Rosedale?


— Justin of Vizionkc


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