“We find ’em…We flip ’em…You profit” Possible Company Motto?

Over the past few days I’ve been working on a new commercial for attracting investors.   The one I’ve posted below is 1:11.  Take a look and tell me what you think.

The company motto for quite sometime now has been “The Key to Home Ownership”.   This was a great motto when we were doing lease options.  That motto in my mind represents exactly what a lease option is all about.

But, over the past few months our business has changed.  Instead of focusing on lease options we are now focused on profitably investing in real estate for our clients.

The majority of these individuals have always been interested in investing in real estate and have the means to do so but don’t have the time or the know how.

That’s where we come in.  We find the property that will fit their investment needs.  We do all the renovations on the property. We sell or lease the property depending on their investment strategy.

If the investors strategy is to buy and flip (our specialty) the investor keeps all of the profits made from flipping the property.  This usually averages between $10k-$15k depending on the price range of the property.  We make our money off both the selling and buying commission as well as a slight markup on our materials and labor.

If the investors strategy is to focus on rental properties.  We will still find the property and do the renovations but instead of selling the property we will find a tenant and do the management on the property.  In this situation we make our money off the purchase commission, the renovation markup, the tenant placement fee (1st months rent) and the monthly management fees.  \

So the real question is what do you think about the new company motto?

“We Find ’em..We Flip ’em…You Profit.

Do you have a motto that could work better?



2 responses to ““We find ’em…We flip ’em…You profit” Possible Company Motto?

  1. I think the term “flip” has taken on a negative connotation recently. Is why you went with “sell ’em” in the video?

    Maybe you should put some happy people in the commercial. If you don’t show any happy people in it, then how is anyone going to know its good?

  2. Wade — I was concerned that flip had taken on a bit of a negative connotation but I wasn’t really sure how wide spread that was. Sell ’em actually came to mind before flip.

    The happy people is something I had also considered. Not sure how I will do this I don’t really know many happy people. I never even met the buyers on this house. That’s pretty common.

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