Regarding Obama Winning The Election

I should probably start things off here by saying I’m not a huge Obama fan.  I just expect him to win the election.  I don’t even expect the election results to be close.

At this time according to almost every news outlet Obams is expected to pick up over 300 electoral votes.  You only need 270 to win.

Why will he win the election?  Because he is supposed to win.  I personally feel more and more each day that presidential elections are more controlled than we are willing to believe.

The 2 party system is a game and the American people are getting played.


4 responses to “Regarding Obama Winning The Election

  1. If Mac wins, will there be riots?

  2. Either way I could see riots. I expect riots.

  3. I have faith McCain is going to win in spite of the conspiracy.

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