Peter Schiff on Obama and the Economy

This is one of the few interviews with Peter Schiff were he actually discusses Obama.

I always find it rather comical how the T.V. pundits try to down play the heavy things that Peter says.  Take notice how even mentions the very taboo topic of how America is supposed to be a Republic not a Democracy.  He even touches on the lack of foresight of politicians and cutting off entitlement programs such as social security and medicare.   Notice how quickly the direction of the interview changes towards the end once the the anchors realize they let Peter say to much.


One response to “Peter Schiff on Obama and the Economy

  1. Any investor that is depending on market direction will suffer regardless of Obama’s economic plan. The time to move this economy will be measured in years, not quarters. Those who think we are returning to a Bull market are sorely mistaken.
    Investors need Defined Risk Strategies that will perform in any market condition.

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