Progress on Project Brookside

Things are moving along at 425 W. 70th also known as Project Brookside.  I stopped by the property earlier this week and took some pictures of the progress.

This is the living room in progress at Project Brookside.  On... on TwitPic

The above picture is of the living room on Project Brookside.  Underneath of the paper covering the floor are some beautiful hardwoods which we will have refinished.  It may not look like much but a lot has taken place in the past week.  Now that all the plumbing and electric work has been completed this project will move along rather swiftly.

This is the kitchen in progress at Project Brookside.  The re... on TwitPic

The above pictues is of the kitchen ion process at Project Brookside.  It looks a little rough right now but if you look closesly you can see that the new plumbing and electrical work is almost complete.  Its hard to belive that in just about 2 weeks this kitchen will be one of the nicest in the neighborhood.

After seeing those pictures of Project Brookside in progress I figued that it would be good to idea to remind everybody where this project started.

This is what the house used to look like in 30 seconds.

When its done it will something like this.

It takes a lot of vision to even start working on a project like this but then again Vizion is our name.


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