A New Zeitgeist Film?

I just heard that the maker of the film Zeitgeist has made another film called Zeitgeist Addendum.  From what I understand this new film includes an in depth examination of our monetary system.  I will watch this film closely in the next day or so and will provide a follow up post.

You can watch the movie for free on google.


5 responses to “A New Zeitgeist Film?

  1. I watched it. I thought I blogged about it. Hurm, maybe never published. Anyways it was bogus. I agree with their idea that the Fed needs to go (that’s Austrian theory too), but the rest of the film shows a lack of understanding of even basic economics. Especially why we have/need currency. They basically repackage socialism and central planning and call it a “resource based economy”.

  2. Lightning Fusion
    The Marriage of Hot and Cold Fusion


    A paradigm shift is about to occur

    I have found the perfect energy device-Period. 19 months on net and still no university repeats experiment to prove otherwise- no wonder the global economy fails amongst other ailments.

    Solomon Azar

    November 4-2008

  3. You’ve got wierd readers.

  4. Noblefuse — That is an interesting concept.

    Wade — I havent had time to watch the whole film from start to finish. From the parts I have seen it does seem like their building up for a socialist ending.

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