A Few Updates On Project Brookside

We’re about 2 weeks out from the remodel being done on Project Broookside and everybody is eagerly anticipating its completion.  I stopped by the property this morning just to check and see how things were coming and was surprised to see that the exterior had been mostly painted.

Project Brookside

Project Brookside

The interior paint is just about finished and the new tile floors have been set in both the kitchen and bathrooms.  The new doors and windows have also been installed.  From the looks of things cabinets and coutertops will be installed early next week.  This kitchen is going to have tons of counter space it’s sure to be the envy of the block upon completion.

Project Brookside Kitchen

The tile for the bathrooms have also been installed.  This is a picture of the jacuzzi tube in the master bath.  It’s hard to believe that this bathroom used to be huge closet.


We’re about two weeks away from this remodel being done then our crews will start working on the next Brookside house at 444 W Dartmouth. While our home crews works on the Dartmouth house one of our sub crews will start working on Project 76 in Raytown, MO.  Upon the completion of Project Independence next week, the crew working on that house will start working on our project on Craig street in the River Oaks subdivision of Grandview, MO.

It’s going to be a busy winter.

Just as a reminder this is were we started

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What is Project Brookside?



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