Progress On Project Brookside The Last Week!

Project Brookside is only one week away from being done.  All the major remodel work has been completed and if all goes according to schedule we should be able to list this house the first week of December.


The exterior paint has been mostly completed and the new shutters and doors have been installed.  We had several debates over the color of this house and the shutters.


The new windows have been installed the hardwood floors have been refinished and the interior paint has been completed.  I love this room it has great natural light.


Most of the cabinets have been installed.  This is the first house we’ve done in awhile with the dark cabinets.  I can’t wait to see how the solid surface granite counter tops are going to look in this kitchen.


This is is the downstairs bathroom.  We held several debates about this vanity and in the end we decided to go with this style.  We felt that since this is a higher end house we should step up the quality of our vanities as well.

This is where we started

What is Project Brookside?


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