What Do You Think About Home Staging?

I’ve been considering staging a few of my rehabbed properties but I’m worried that it could be a complete waste of money.  I’ve seen a few before and after shots of staged properties here on AR and have always been impressed but is it really worth it?   Earlier today I spoke to a local stager I found on AR and was informed that on average she charges $1,000 per month to stage a property.  Is it just me or does that seem a bit over the top?

The only reason I’m even considering staging is because a couple agents have shown a few of my listings and while the feedback was positive they felt that if the property would have been staged their clients would have put in an offer.

I’ve been to a few staged open houses and I admit the property does tend to feel more inviting with coffee tables, couches and such but I still wonder if its worth the cost.   Will staging really bring me an offer all that much quicker?  I’m not sure it will.  All of my properties have been fully remodled down to the smallest detail for most buyers isn’t that enough?

So my question to you is what do you think about home staging?  Is  it worth it?  Does it work?  What’s been your experince?


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4 responses to “What Do You Think About Home Staging?

  1. yourhomeonlybetter

    Hi Justin – I think you answered your own question in your post! You already know that NOT staging isn’t working, so why not give it a try? Find a stager in your area (Active Rain is a great place to look for one) and get an estimate. Since you have several properties, it might even be worthwhile to work w/a stager to purchase economical furnishings rather than rent.

    Good luck!

    Susan Smith

  2. You hit the nail on the head. The professionally staged properties FELT better to you. They feel better to buyers as well. Keep in mind buyers buy emotionally, not intellectually. That’s why staging is worth it. I even go so far as to shoot and produce a complimentary virtual tour of properties I stage so I’m sure the romance gets online intact. Look at some on my AR profile. One of my repeat Realtors calls them my Romantic Tours, and she’s right. That’s exactly my intention, and it works, big time. Worth every dime. Check ’em out!

  3. Susan — I just met with my first stager yesterday. She’s great much better than I had expected. We might actually be able to use in more ways than we had initially anticipated. In particular she’s great with colors which is important for us since we almost always tend to go with the same color theme. You have a great website by the way.

  4. Patricia — This comment looks familiar I’m guessing you intended for it to go on AR. You make a good point people do purchase emotionally and that’s actually how this whole debate over staging started. Our properties are already very attractive but they feel kind of cold. Hopefully the stager I just met with will be able to warm them up a bit.

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