Gas is $1.29 in Kansas City Fingers Crossed For $1 a Gallon

Watching gas prices fall has been one of the most enjoyable experinces of the year for me.  On average I drive about 30,000 miles a year so any time gas prices come down its like I’m getting a raise.  Back on October 29th I wrote a post the same day gas fell below $2.00 a gallon and I jokingly speculated that gas would fall below $1.00. It hasn’t happened yet but my fingers are officially crossed.

Gas Prices Kansas City

I’ve heard several different theories about why gas has fallen in price so sharply. I don’t claim to be an kind of expert but I don’t think its because people are driving less.  I’m sure like many markets gas prices are heavily manipulated but I’m not an economist so I don’t bother trying to understand.

All I know is that gas is cheap and apperently its getting cheaper by the day.  I’m grateful for these low prices $4 a gallon was killing me this summer.

If and when the prices do fall below $1 a gallon I will make sure to let everyone know.


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