Progress On Project River Oaks

After showing a few houses in South Kansas City this evening I drove out to Grandview to see how things were going on Project River Oaks.  I was surprised to find that are sub crews have been working six days a week in order to finish on  schedule.  I promise they are doing this on their own free will.

River Oaks Deck

The new deck has almost been fully constructed.  Looks like the only thing missing right now are the stairs.  This new deck is about the same size as the old one but with this house backing up to a golf course I’m sure this will be a huge sales feature.

Grandview River Oaks Kitchen

The kitchen is coming together pretty quick.  Granite counters will go in in early next week.  About 90% of the interior has already been painted.   All the plumbing and electric work has been completed.  From the looks of things I expect the house to be just about done by next Friday.

This is where we started

What is Project River Oaks


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