Progress On Dartmouth

Things are comming along very well at 444 Dartmouth a continuation of Progress Brookside.  Keep in mind that this is one of are larger projects of the year.  From the looks of the things this property won’t be ready till the end of Janurary.  None the less progress is being made.

Dartmouth Vizion Door

The front has been installed which I’m sure is a good sign to the neighbors of this neighborhood.  This beat up old house stands out like a sore thumb is this prestigous neighborhood of upscale homes.  It’s funny how neighbors start to change their attitudes towards us once the realize that we’re here to do go quality work.  I think the fact that they see our crews out here working everyday really helps our image.

Vizion Bathroom In Progress

Inside the house is another story.  Granted it already looks better than we started theres still a lot of work to be done.  This is soon to be the upstairs bedrooms.  Right now you can see through the floor if you look close you can actually see the front door.

Vizion Master Bathroom in Progress

The new master bathroom and walk-in closet has been framed.  It’s always amazing to see our crews tranform what used to be a closet into a full bathroom.

Now that all the tearout has been completed next week will be devoted to electric and plumbing work.

This is where we started.

What is 444 Dartmouth?


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