Home Staging Before & After

A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled What Do You Think About Home Staging?  This is a continuation of that post.

Well I did it!  I hired a home stager / interior designer.  After reading all the comments I received on my post about home staging and interviewing a few local stagers I took the plunge.   I figured it would just be best to see what a stager could do first hand and I must say I’m impressed. 

Take a look at the difference.

425 W 70th Unstaged

This is a picture of the living room in 425 W. 70th Before the Staging.

425 W 70th Staged

This is After

Dining unstagedThis is the dining room before.

Dining Room StagedThis is after.

Bedroom unstaged

This is the master bedroom before.

Bedroom This is after.

Personally I think the staging made a huge diffrence in the house.  It was almost like the house was naked before it was staged.

I would like to thank everybody who expressed their opinon on my previous post about home staging.  If it was not for some of those comments I would’ve never taken the plunge.


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