Vizion Makes The Newspaper!

Recently my business partner Jason and I were interviewed by Ben Felder of the Raytown Post.  Raytown is a suburb of Kansas City with a population of just over 30,000.  Over the past year Vizion has flipped four houses in Raytown including our most recent Project 76 which is currently in process.

As a writer for the Raytown Post Ben often Googles Raytown in order to find out what’s going on in the area.  On the particular day he found us he was Googling “Raytown Construction”.   Granted he didn’t find us on page one of the search results but I’m surprised he found us at all.  Currently are site is not optimized for the keyword construction and having only done four houses in Raytown versus about sixty in Kansas City we’re not really optimized for the keyword Raytown either.

Nonetheless Ben wrote an excellent article on Vizion and I’m very pleased with the free PR.   Looks like taking the time to blog about our upcoming projects is beginning to pay off.

“When Thomas and his business partner Justin Ukaoma started Vizion KC five years ago with Jason’s brother they wanted to take advantage of the hot housing market by buying rundown homes and fixing them up for first time home buyers. Since they started their business a lot has definitely changed in the housing market.”

You Can Read The Whole Artice Here.

Kansas City Homes For Sale


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