I Want To Be On Flip This House

After watching 3 hours of Flip This House earlier today I’ve become convinced that my company Vizion KC should be on this show.

Before you cast me off as another one of those Flip This House fans consider this. 

1.  Vizion KC has been in business for five years.

2.  During that time we have increased the number of homes we’ve renovated each year.

3.  Our goal for 2009 is to renovate 100 homes.

4.  Our average home renovation takes 4 weeks.

During those 3 hours I spent today watching Flip This House I found myself wondering how the investors made any money at all.  Almost every episode I watched they went over budget or had problems with a contractor and had to call in a different crew.

I’m not saying that my company is perfect but I honestly feel that we make much fewer mistakes than the crews I saw on television today.  I think the reason for this is because behind each one of our properties is an individual investor.  Its important for us to maintain a healthy working relationship with these investors and the best way to do that is to keep making them money.

If we say the renovation is going to cost this much.  It will cost that much or less.  We inspect each property thoroughly before making the purchase so we don’t get stuck with a bunch of surprises which end up lightening our investors pockets and costing our crews additional time.

So do you know anybody who has been on Flip This House?  Do you think my company has a chance of getting on the show?  How do you get on Flip This House anyway?

Kansas City Homes For Sale


On average we buy two houses a week.  But in order to buy that many we have to look at over 30 houses each day.  I wish I had a video camera to show you what it’s like.  Words don’t describe the experience.  I do my best to capture what I can on Twitter.

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