Kansas City Is One Of America’s Comeback Capitals

Forbes.com recently included Kansas City as one of its 10 Comeback Capitals.   I found this somewhat surprising.  Especially since I’ve never even heard of a Comeback Capital.

Kansas City has reversed the relentless declines by expanding its border in the ’60s and ’70s from 80.6 square miles to 313.5 square miles during the same period. “While there has been a lot of activity in older parts of the city, a large part of the growth has been from construction in more suburban parts of the city,” says Steven Lebofsky, an urban development specialist who works in Kansas City’s Urban Planning Department.

You Can Read The Whole Article Here.

So what exactly is a Comback Capital?   A city that has made a major comeback in popluation after losing a large portion of its popluation.

Kansas City lost more than 11% of its population in the ’70s and 3% in the ’80s, only to begin its current comeback in the ’90s.

Portions of this article were taken directly from Forbes.com

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