Progress on 444 W Dartmouth

To the untrained eye it may look like we’ve been working on this projet for two weeks and have accomplished nothing.  Trust me progress is being made by the day.  Keep in mind Vizion hasn’t taken on a project this large since James A Reed.

Kitchen Doorway

We’ve expanded this doorway giving a more open feel between the dining room and the kitchen.  This was the first thing our new interior designer suggested when started doing the home renovation.   Our interior designer also did the staging on our house at 425 W 70th.

Kitchen Drywall Vizion

Most of the electric and drywall work has already been completed.   This is going to be another big beautiful kitchen.  I can’t wait to show you guys the granite color our interior designer chose for this renovation.

Master Bath

This is a picture of the master bathroom in process.  All of this has been added to the master bedroom.  When we started this renovation there was only a closet on this side of the bedroom.  When we’re done there will be both a walk in closet and a master bath.

This Is Where We Started

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