Kansas City Is 1 of 5 Destinations To Watch In 2009

In more surprising news that I didn’t see coming Smartertraveler. com recently included Kansas City on its list of 5 destinations to watch in 2009.

Never considered Kansas City as a vacation destination before? Over the past few years, the city has been working hard to make itself a destination worth the trip. And the effort is paying off big time during 2009 when more than $9 billion in major improvements will be reinvigorating its downtown area and lending major credibility to its arts and dining scenes.

You Can Read The Whole Article Here.

But wait it gets better.  Kansas  City is one of only two locations on the list that’s in the United States.  In fact the other destinations sound rather exotic in comparison.  So who else made the list?  Riviera Nayarit, Vancouver, Peru, and Vilnius, Lithuania. Looks like Kansas City is the new trendy place to live.

Portions Of This Article Were Taken Directly From USA Today.

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