Progress On Project Shawnee

Our renovation in Shawnee, KS is in its final week.  Since the crews were not working today I figured it would be safe to run and grab a few pictures of their progress.  This job is being completed by one of our sub-crews from the looks of things we will definitely be using these guys again.


The new garage door has been installed.  When we purchased this house the garage had been converted into living space.  We felt that a garage was more important than additional living space.


This sidewalk is  new.  I didn’t expect us to replace the sidewalk we almost never do.  I guess I’ve been looking at too may houses cause I don’t remember the sidewalk being in that bad of  shape.


The Bathroom is about a day away from being done.  When we bought this house it only had a shower.  The tub is an excellent addition.


Kitchen cabinets and back splash havee been installed.  Most of the solid surface granite has also been installed.  It looks like this house will have a gas stove which is rare for our renovations.  This is the first time we’ve used this type of back splash. Each of the square rocks is very unique they looked like they were hand picked by @mightwaldo.

This Is Where We Started

Kansas City Homes For Sale


On average we buy two houses a week.  But in order to buy that many we have to look at over 30 houses each day.  I wish I had a video camera to show you what it’s like.  Words don’t describe the experience.  I do my best to capture what I can on Twitter.



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