Progress On Project North KC

Things are moving along smoothly on Project North KC.  At this crews current pace the renovation should be done sometime next week.  Some of you may remember that this was the house with many holes. Our new assistant Abbey took these pictures.  Maybe one of these days we’ll get her on ActiveRain and maybe even on Twitter.

dscn01431The bathroom has been set and all the tile work has been completed.  It looks like on this house our contractor has decided to go with a lighter shade of tile.

KitchenThe kitchen is nearly complete.  This is the lightest granite we’ve ever used on one of our home renovations.  I think it plays well off of the lighter backsplash.

Living RoomThe living room has also been completed.  The higher grade of carpet which we used in Project River Oaks has become a staple for our homes with carpet.  According to Abbey all the new windows and doors have also been installed.

This is the first house we’ve done in North KC and its also the first house where Abbey has been in charge of taking the pictures.  There’s a few small things I would’ve done differently but I think its best to let her learn in her own way.  For a first picture taking session I think she did great.

This is where we started.

Kansas City Homes For Sale


On average we buy two houses a week.  But in order to buy that many we have to look at over 30 houses each day.  I wish I had a video camera to show you what it’s like.  Words don’t describe the experience.  I do my best to capture what I can on Twitter.


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