Progress On 444 Dartmouth (Project Brookside)

Earlier today I brought a potential investor over to this house in order to show him and his wife what it looks like when we’re halfway into a renovation.  It’s always fun to see the reaction on peoples faces who’ve never watched a remodel take place.  It’s almost like they can’t believe that in a few weeks this is going to be a beautiful home.


Exterior paint is alwasys tricky in the winter.  In order to get a good coat on the house it needs to be  about 40 degrees.  So far this week Friday was the only day they could paint.  Next week isnt looking much better 20 degrees all week.  On the plus side once the neighbors see you start painting they start to have a bit more confidence that you will actually finish the job.

img_3386The kitchen is coming along great.  As you can see the new tile floors have been installed and all the electric work has been completed.  This kitchen looks bigger everytime I see it.

img_3391Were installing new hardwood floors in this house.  The orinigal ones were so bad that they can’t be repaired.  This is the first project where we’ve had to do that.

img_3392The master bathroom is nearly complete.  From the looks of things they will set the vanities sometime next week.   The bathroom is quite a bit larger than it looks in the picture.

img_3384The new garage doors have also been set.  This is going to be a huge selling feature on this house since so few houses in this area have two car garages.

This Is Where We Started

Kansas City Homes For Sale


On average we buy two houses a week.  But in order to buy that many we have to look at over 30 houses each day.  I wish I had a video camera to show you what it’s like.  Words don’t describe the experience.  I do my best to capture what I can on Twitter.


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