You Never Know Whose Reading Your Blog

Earlier today I met with a pre approved potential buyer whose been following our home renovations on the VizionKC blog. Honestly I was a little surprised.  Sure, I look at my ActiveRain stats every now again and I check my website traffic daily but other than the folks here on ActiveRain I really didn’t think potential customers were actually following our home renovations and thinking to themselves “this could be my home someday.”

Obviously this was my intention from the beginning I mean why else would I bother going out to each of our  renovation projects each week and taking pictures and writing a progress post.

The first couple I met with have been reading my blog  for the past 4 months.  The house they originally wanted (James A Reed) sold before they had a chance to take a look.  Since then they’ve been waiting on Vizion to do another home in the Raytown school district where their children go to school.   Once they saw that we’d purchased 9808 E 76th Tr in Raytown, MO they decided to get pre approved.

When I met with them today I had no idea that they had been reading my blog but I started to wonder when the wife started talking about how much the bigger the kitchen looked after we had changed the layout.  Unlike most buyers  they knew all the specs of the house including when it was built, how many bedrooms we added, they even remembered that the master bathroom was the only bathroom with a tub.  I plan on meeting with them tomorrow and hopefully writing an offer.

I guess it’s true what they say… You never know whose reading your blog.  Maybe even a potential buyer.


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