Progress on 12512 Winchester (Project Grandview)

I’ve been slacking a little bit on the progress posts for this house only because I havent needed to take a look at this crews progress.  The crew that’s doing this house also did our house on 14500  Craig which is also in Grandview just a few miles away.

Grandview, Vizionkc Can you believe it? One of our crews is actually hard at work on a Saturday.  I think it’s because yesterday we got about 2 inches of unexpected snow.  Weather here in the midwest is pretty random today its about 50 degrees.  As you can see the exterior paint is nearly completed and the new doors, garage doors, and windows have been installed.  If all goes well we should have this project ready by the last week of January.

Living Dining Grandview VizionMost of the interior paint has been completed on this house.  The new tile has also already been laid in the kitchen and in the dining room.  If all goes well cabinets should go in the kitchen some time next week.

Bathroom Grandview VizionkcMost everything has been taken care of in the bathroom.   The new vanities will go in sometime next week.  This bathroom is a little bit larger than I remember.

Living Rooom VizionkcThis is the living room and behind that is the dining room.  The layout on this house is similar to one we did last summer on 99th St. We will be using the same carpet in this house as we used on our house at 14500 Craig.

This Is Where We Started

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