Progress On 7744 McGee (Project Waldo)

We’re making great progress on 7744 McGee a continuation of Project Waldo.  From the looks of things we should be done with this house the first part of February.

Kitchen Waldo VizionkcAll the tear out has been completed on this house.  When we’re all done this will be the kitchen.  We plan on using the same solid surface granite, tile and maple cabinets that are currently going into our house in North KC.

Dining Waldo VizionkcThis will be the dining room when we’re all done.  As you can see it’s a large amount of space .  Most likely we will tile both the kitchen and the dining area.  To the left is a sliding glass door which leads to large patio area behind the house.

Master Bathroom Waldo VizionkcWhen looking to flip a house one of the most important things to do is add actual value to the property.  The picture up above is the framing for a new master bathroom.  Most of the houses in this neighborhood only have one bath.  By adding a second bath to this house we’re adding a feature that will make this house stand out to a potential buyer.

Smiley Face Waldo Vizionkc Bedroom

Some of you may remember that I made a short video of this house showing all the graffiti in one of the bedrooms.  Fortunately our crews have already completed most of the painting in this room but I did find one little remnant of its graffiti covered past.

floor, vizionkc, waldoMake that two remnants.

Tree House vizionkc waldoIn the backyard of this property is a pretty large tree house.  I noticed it the first time I came out but never paid much attention to it till now.  It sure would be nice if we could fix this up and make a nice a tree house.  But that’s not exactly in the budget.

Street Sign Waldo Some folks in the office think I might be being a little to elusive by calling our home renovations projects.  I somewhat agree.   I threw this picture in this post just so to keep everybody happy.  Feel free to stop by and see our progress on 7744 McGee for yourself  its the 2 story house right on the corner.

This Is Where We Started

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