Progress on 424 Dartmouth (Project Brookside)

Our crews just started work on 424 Dartmouth last week.  The tear out was completed while the painting crew worked on 444 Darthmouth which is right down the street.

Living RoomAs I’ve said many times before part of the reason we’ve been so successful flipping houses is because we understand that in order to flip a house you must add real value to that property.  That being said watch this corner over the next few weeks.  This will be the location of the new half bath.  You may be wondering why we decided to move the half bath into the living room.

Half Bath Because the above picture is the current half bath.  Not only is it small its also located in the kitchen.  Bathrooms and kitchens are what sell houses so its important that they’re spacious and attractive.  This half bath didn’t meet the cut.  It’s just taking up space in otherwise large kitchen.

Kitchen Brookside VizionkcThe tear out has been completed in the kitchen.  Our crews are currently wrapping up 444 Dartmouth once they finish that project they will come down to this house and start working on the plumbing and electric.

Full Bath Brookside VizionkcThis is the upstairs bathroom.  On this side will be the bathtub.

Lights Bathroom VizionkcHere’s a rare one.  I think these lights in the bathroom could actually stay.  Seriously they look almost new.  That’s if we can find the one that’s missing.  I think they broke it during the tear out.

This Is Where We Started

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