Progress On 444 Dartmouth (Project Brookside)

This is shaping up to be one of my favorite home renovations.  Seeing this project come together has been truly amazing.   That’s a lot for me to say considering I’ve witnessed dozens of home renovations with Vizion including the amazing transformation of  James A Reed but that’s another story.

Living Room Brookside VizionkcWorking with an interior designer has made my life a lot easier.  No more stressing about light fixtures or paint colors she’s got it.  I love the color of the walls in this house.  As you can see most of the interior paint has been finished and most of the light fixtures have been installed.  90% of the times I’ve seen this house this room has been full of junk or tools.  Seeing it clear like this reminds me of how large and spacious this room really is.

Dining Room This the dining room.  Notice the new hardwood floors have already been installed.   This house is really starting to come together.

Kitchen Here’s the kitchen.  It looks bigger almost every time I see it.  I love how bright this kitchen is and look at all those electric outlets.  Right below those outlets is where the new solid surface granite counters will be.  That’s a lot of counter space.

Half Bath So how close are we to being finished?   Here’s your answer.  This is the half bath downstairs.  The vanity and toilet have already been set.  That’s the same vanity we used in 425 W 70th.

BathroomRemember this bathroom?  Just two weeks ago there was a hole in the floor and you could see the entrance door downstairs from where I’m standing.   As you can see the vanity, toilet, and tub have already been set.  I hope we get some good weather next week so they can start working on the outside.

Master Bathroom Walk in ClosetThis should look familiar.  That’s the walk in closet on the right and the master bathroom on the left.  When we bought this house there were just two closest on this side of the master bedroom.

This Is Where We Started

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