Are Agents Tours A Waste Of Time?

Every Wednesday after the weekly meeting several of the agents at our brokerage go on agent tours.  These agents use this time to showcase their new listings and get feedback on the listing from the other agents.  Whenever I have a new listing I automatically sign up to be on agent tours and never give it a second thought.  Until recently.

Often times during these tours I’ve found myself wondering why I’m spending half of the business day driving around the city looking at listing I have absolutely no intention of showing.  Sure getting the feedback from other agents on my listings is nice but how often do they bring up something that I’m really going to change about a listing?  Maybe the price but even that’s rare.

I can’t help but think that my time would be better spent showing houses to actual buyers or working on my marketing plan or even responding to emails.  At least if I was doing  these things I would be building my business.

What do you think?  Are agent tours a waste of time?

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