First Look At 6404 McGee (Project Brookside)

Project Brookside

Location: 6404 McGee (Brookside)

3 Bedrooms / 2 Baths / 1.5 Stories / Hardwood Flors

Estimated Time of Arrival: March

Estimated List Price: $210,000

With 6404 McGee project brookside is continued.  Honestly I’m a little surprised that this house was still avaialable since it’s in such good condition and its located in one of the most popular areas in the city.  We first looked at this property in late November but the price wasn’t right till late now.  This is a truly unique home for the area being that it’s 1.5 stories.  One of the most exciting features about this house is the front porch that wraps almost compeletely around the house.  We estimate that the renovation will be completed by late March which mean it will be one of first Vizion homes of the spring.

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