Progress On 12512 Winchester (Project Grandview)

We are in our final week of renovation on 12512 Winchester in Grandview, MO.  I stopped by the property earlier today after a showing on 11819 Delmar.


The exterior paint has been completed and our standard blue door has been installed.  This house is located right across the street from an awesome park.  I’m suer being located on this street it will get plenty of drive by and walk by exposure.

Living Room All of the interior paint has been completed and the new carpet has been installed.   I love how large the rooms are in this house.  Even the bathrooms are pretty large.  If you’re looking for a home with plenty of space for everybody this is it.

img_3505The tile work has been completed in the kitchen and it looks like the appliances are ready to be set.  This is a pretty large eat in kitchen.  I think the windows in here look great.  If you look closely you can see a couple of the guys from the crew outside.  We’re using the same cabinets, back splash, and granite counters in this house as we’re using on our project in North KC.

Kitchen This is one more shot of the kitchen.  It really does have a very open feel this is one of the reasons we were atracted to this house from the beginning.

What Is Project Grandview?

This Is Where We Started

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