Progress On 444 Dartmouth (Project Brookside)

We are in our final week of renovation on 444 Dartmouth aka the longest renovation so far this year.  For those of you who have patiently waiting this projects competition rest assured your patience will be well rewarded.

FrontWinter is the toughest time of year to do home renovations.  This has been especially true this year since the weather has been more random than usual.  For example on Wednesday it was 30 degrees, Thursday it was 70, Friday it snowed and today its 9 degrees.  In order for us to paint the exterior of a house we need the temperate to be at least 40 degrees for a couple days.  As you can see that is something we just can’t count on during the winter.  If any executives from Flip This House are reading this post I would recommend doing a show on us during the summer.

Living Room The interior of the house is about 90% competed.  As you can see from this picture the hardwood floors have already been refinished.  You can’t even tell where the new floor begins and the old floor ends.

KitchenHere’s the kitchen.  Just look at all that wonderful cabinet space.  The new granite counters tops have been ordered but will not be installed until next week.  Our interior designer calls the color of this new granite “Uba Tuba” have you ever heard of it?


Where I’m standing is going to be a balcony area off of the master bedroom.  When its warmer this area will be framed in similar to how we did on the house 425 W 70th.   Right behind this house is  the detached 2 car garage.  This is really are our ace in the hole on this flip as most homes in this area only have a 1 car garage.  As you can see it still needs to get painted but the new garage doors have been installed.

Patio Screened in PorchThis is a shot of what will be the screened in patio.  Like most of the exterior work this is also contingent on weather.  Right above this screened in patio is the balcony off of the master bedroom.

Depending on how things go with the weather we should be ready to list this house the first week of February.

What is Project Brookside?

This Is Where We Started

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