Progress On 7744 McGee (Project Waldo)

Our renovation of 7744 McGee is slowly but surly coming along.  I stopped by the property Earlier today after running a few errands in the Waldo area of Kansas City.

Garage Doors The new garage door has been installed.  This is the fist time I’ve seen one wrapped in plastic.  I wonder what we’re protecting it from.

KitchenThe new tile floors have been installed in the kitchen.  I love the size of the kitchen in this house.  Part of what makes this house so unique is that it has both an eat in kitchen and a formal dining room.  I was a little surprised to see a few member of our crew hard at work on a Saturday.

Master bathroom / closetThe new master bathroom has already been framed and sheet rocked.  On the left is a full bath with a shower.  On the right is a walk in closet.  This is a fantastic addition to this house since most of the homes in this area only have 1 bathroom.

Backyard As expected our budget did not include building a new tree house only tearing down the one that previously existed.  The tree that that used to support the tree house is still under consideration.  A few members of the crew think that the tree is still alive and want to keep it in the  backyard.  I disagree.  Even if the tree is still alive its not very attractive and whats the point of a having an unattractive tree in your backyard?  I’m willing to bet the consensus will be to pull this tree out during the landscaping.

This Is Where We Started

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