What Is Project Waldo?

Project Waldo refers to all Vizion home renovations that take place in the Waldo area of Kansas City.  This is a brief overview and history of the Waldo area.

Waldo is a neighborhood located in Kansas City, Missouri on 75th Street & Wornall Road that has continued to maintain its own unique character, even though it was annexed by Kansas City in 1909. Waldo’s boundaries are Gregory Blvd on the north to 91st Street on the south, (although 89th street forms a full south boundary) and Holmes Road on the east to State Line Road on the west.

In 1841, Dr. David Waldo of Gasconade County, Missouri, was convinced by some friends to purchase land in Jackson County, Missouri. Dr. Waldo purchased 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) that ran from what is now 75th Street to 59th Street and Wornall Road to Troost.

In 1860 a rail line was established between Westport and Dodson, and a main stop was located in Waldo. When the rail line was converted to street cars in 1907, a brick station was built at the Waldo location, and it became known as the Grand Central Station of Waldo. Waldo was annexed by Kansas City in 1909, which pushed the southern city limit from 49th Street to 77th Street. Business began to grow around the station, including Elmer Family Grocery and Milen Drygoods store. As the growth continued, the Waldo area became a main traffic artery of south Kansas City. Houses on Wornall Road south to 75th Street made way for continued business expansion in the 1930s.

Project Waldo homes are generally in the price range of $120k to $200k.  These homes are updated with new solid surface granite counters, refinished hardwood floors, maple cabinets, new tile flooring in both the kitchen and bathrooms, new interior and exterior paint, and all new windows and doors.

Project Waldo homes are general 80-100 years old.  The neighborhoods where these home are located are the well established and are considered to be among the nicest in the city.  Both Waldo and neighboring community Brookside are also among the most popular / trendy areas to live in the city.

Project Waldo Homes

8205 Kenwood Ave Kansas City, MO

7744 McGee Kansas City, MO

Check out these sites for additional information on the Waldo area.

Waldo Area Business Association

Portions of this article were taken directly from Wikipedia.

You Can Read The Full Article Here.

Kansas City Homes For Sale


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