My Take On 64130 aka The Murder Factory

Like many Kansacitians I’ve been reading  the Kansas City Star’s article on 64130 aka The Murder Factory.  This article has been especaily significant to me since I live in the zipcode 64131 which isn’t all that far away.

For those of you outside of Kansas City who’ve never heard of the now infamous zipcode 64130 this short excerpt from Tony Rizzo’s article will bring you up to speed.

Its eight square miles, straddling Brush Creek downstream from the Country Club Plaza, is home to 101 convicted murderers incarcerated in Missouri prisons.

No other ZIP code in Kansas City, St. Louis or any other part of the state comes close. Though its 26,000 residents make up about 6 percent of the city’s population, it accounts for 20 percent of Kansas Citians in prison for murder or voluntary manslaughter.

If society set out to design an assembly line for producing killers, it’s hard to imagine a model any more efficient than what exists inside its boundaries, stretching from 39th to 63rd streets and bordered by Woodland and Topping avenues. It has become a murder factory that spans generations.

You Can Read The Whole Kansas City Star Article Here

Before I get to deep into the dissection of this article I just should probably point out that the zipcode 64130 is one small pocket of Kansas City and by no means represents the entire Kansas City Metro area.  Like all cities Kansas City has a good side and a not so good side.  I should probably also point out that from a real estate investment standpoint we have never reccomened that our client invest in areas such as the zipcode 64130.

In the intrest in not writing a long boring analitical post I will get straight to the point.

I feel that this article will result in more crime both in the zipcode 64130 and in the general Kansas City Metro area.   Sure many people will read this article and feel sadness for the people living in and around this zipcode.  But other will feel a sense of pride that their zipcode shows up on the front page of the Kansas City star next to the words murder factory.  I’m sure that in some circles coming from the zipcode 64130 will earn you more crediblity and thus more respect.

Perhaps what’s even worse is the natural competition between zipcodes that this article may have created.  Certain people from the zipcode 64131 for instance may want to dethrone 64130 from the title Murder Factory.  I can even see the current gang problem in parts of Kansas City getting worse as each zipcodes gangs asprire to become the  new Murder Factory.

This article also very casually is altering the perception many Kansascitians have of people from the zipcode 64130.  For instance look at this tweet from my twitter stream a few days ago.


Ever since I read this article on the Murder Factory I’ve started paying extra attention to addresses on rental applications.  Granted I’m not the type of person to exclude someone from living in one of my rental houses just becuase of where they live currently but some people may not be as open minded.  That includes employers afer all most job applications require you to leave your addresss.

I understand that my take on this article may not be a common one.  For what its worth I think the Kansas City Star is great and if Tony Rizzo hadn’t written such a great article it would have never caught my eye.

Portions of this article were taken directly from the Kansas City Star.

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