Progress On 444 Dartmouth Part 5 (Project Brookside)

The renovation of 444 Dartmouth is in its final stages.  With the warm weather we had late in the week a good deal of work was done on the exterior of this house.

SidewalkThe new sidewalk was poured late last week.  This is a fantastic addition to the house since the old sidwalk was nearly 100 years old.

Kitchen Our crews have been doing a fantasic job of staying on schedule with this renovation.  As you can see the new granite counters have finaly been installed.  I really love the way the light comes through the windows in this kitchen.  Appliances will be set early next week and if all goes well we will be able to list this house early next week.  Honestly I’m exited  This home is in one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city and on the most popular street in that neighborhood.  In other words this home should sell quick.

Kitchen This is another shot of the kitchen from the opposite direction.  I love this kitchen the granite counters came out great as expected.  If you look closely you can see a good sized pantry to the left.  If you look at the bottom of this picture you can see a microwave where apparetnly our contractors cook their food.

Stairs The new stairrail has finnaly been installed.  Our interior designer informed us that the metal spindles are in style this season.  Seriously if you’re an investor who flips houses and your not working with a stager your probably missing out on all sorts of valuable advice like this.  Granted if your reading my blog I’ve  been giving several of her secrets away.

Rear of DartmouthThis is the rear of the house.  With the exception of the preview video I haven’t really shown the back of this house.  We still plan on building a deck by the back door I hope we get enough nice days next week that we can get that completed.  We will also be framing up a balcony off of the top right door and to the left of this house.  The covered patio to the right of this house will also be framed in.

What Is Project Brookside?

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