Progress On 7744 McGee (Project Waldo) Part 3

We’re on week 3 of the renovation of 7744 McGee a continuation of Project Waldo.  I stopped by this property after showing the rental house on 70th ter out by Raytown, MO.  This weeks updates will focus on the properties exterior.

Front Porch.

As you can see this is a portion of the front porch which was installed last week.

The weather was great today in Kansas City we reached a high of 76 which is incredible.  This has got to be the most random winter on record.  I’ve seen it snow in April but I’ve never seen it be warm in January.  It’s especailly strange since it snowed a little earlier this week.  You’ve gotta realy love this crazy midwestern weather we have.

Sliding Doors The new sliding doors has been installed out back.  This is going to make a great patio area when were all done.


If your’re wonderng why this weeks update only focues on the exterior this is why.  Looks like sometime on Friday we started staining the hardwood floors.  Usually I just disobey these signs and go inside but since the staining process took place on Friday I figured it would be best if I left the inside alone till next week.

What is Project Waldo?

More information on 7744 McGee.

Kansas City Homes For Sale


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