The Ever Evolving Vision Of Vizion & Custom Remodels

In case it wasn’t quite clear Vizion is one of those companies that’s run by a couple guys in their 20’s.  Our focuses and direcation change by the day.  What may look like some sort of makeshift organization from the outside is actually a well functioning and profitably business.

Among our sevearl diffrent branches a new branch is slowing starting to emerge from the tree called Vizion.  This new branch is called custom home renovations.

img_3566I figured that Marilyn wouldnt mind getting a bit of free exposure on the Vizionkc blog especailly since we just bought a house from her.   The house we got is below and yes this is our first endevor in the world of custom remodels.  Don’t worry the couple were doing this custom remodel for are in better hands than allstates.

Front Brookside You’ve gotta admit that if you were looking to start a custom renovation business it woulndnt hurt to start with a house you already know a great deal about.  Just take a look at the tweet belwo to see what I mean.

potentialThat’s right we looked at buying this house about a month ago.  Little did we know back then that this house would one day become are first custom home renovation.

img_3570Unfortunatly I could’t get an inside pictures of this house.   It was on an IBOX and the key was in the office.  This home is argubly one of the nicest on the street and being that its only a few houses from Ward Parkway its also in one of the most desirable areas in the city.

Sorry if this post seems a little random.  I’m a little tired it’s been a long day…week…month.

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