Progress On 424 Dartmouth (Project Brookside) Part 2

We’re in the second week of the renovation of 424 Dartmouth.  This looks like it will be a quick remodel nothing like the extensive renovation taking place down the street at 444 Dartmouth.

Living Room

Much of the patch and paint work is underway on this house.  As I stated before keep your eye on this corner of the living room we plan on putting a half bath over here.

Kitchen This is where the old half bath used to be.  Removing the half bath made the kitchen a lot larger.

img_3703The covered patio is going to make a great sitting room once were all done.

425 W 70th

Some people have asked if we plan on taking over this neighborhood in Brookside.  Honestly its starting to look that way.  This is a picture of another Project Brookside house which we completed a couple months back.  It’s funny to think that one day the people living in these two Vizion homes will be neighbors.  I took this picture of 425 W 70th from the backyard of 424 Dartmouth.

This Is Where We Started

More Information On 424 Dartmouth

What is Project Brookside?

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