Progress On 7744 McGee (Project Waldo) Part 4

We’re about a week away from completing the renovation on 7744 McGee.  If the good weather we’ve been having holds together we might be able to get this house on tours the week of the 18th.

Bathroom Vizion

The bathroom tub vanity and toilet have been installed.   We went with our standard floor and wall tile on this renovation.  This pictures is a little deciving the bathroom is acutaly a great deal larger than it appears here.


The kitchen is coming along great.  As you can see the new cabinets have finnaly been installed along with the granite counters.  The new appliances have also been set.  The thing I really love about this kitchen is the space.  Not to mention all the cabinet space.  This house has both an eat in kitchen as well as a formal dining room.


This is another shot of the kitchen.  We’re using a larger tile for our backsplash.  This is the first house we’ve used this larger tile on I think its a great addition.


This is the bathroom we added upstairs.  It’s hard to believe that this used to just be a closet.


As of yet no decision has been made on whether or not we should remove this tree in the backyard.  For those of you who remember this was originally the location of a large tree house.  Our budget did not include re-building the tree house nor did it include the removal of this tree.  Personally without the tree house I don’t see the point in keeping this tree.  After all its not like its providing shade.  Maybe we can squeeze its removal into our landscaping budget.

This Is Where We Started

What is Project Waldo?

More information on 7744 McGee.

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